Jan 012016

Ten Step / Ten Day / Ten Minute Exercises to help with your New Years resolutions!!

  1. 10 arm stretches (above head)
  2. 10 arm stretches (straight to side)
  3. 10 squats (arms straight out)
  4. 10 squats
  5. 10 knee lifts
  6. 10 knee touch bends
  7. 10 forward back bends (with elastic stretch band)
  8. 10 arm curls (with elastic stretch band)
  9. 10 knee bends (with elastic stretch band)
  10. 10 arm stretches (with elastic stretch band)

If you are just starting out exercising these are some initial exercises that I found helped me out which I can do at home in 10min, these are just some ideas to help get you started, feel free to try these or do your own,

Once I got into a schedule I bought a elastic stretch band along with a workout mat and even some small barbells, all for a reasonable price at my local department store,

After the initial 10 days I worked in 10 push ups, 10 crunches, 10 arm curls both left and right and 10 sit ups,

As always you should consult a doctor before starting, thanks for visiting and have a great day!!

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